Your "Champagne Bucket List" in 10 Days

Our goal is to provide exclusive experiences that highlight automotive, aviation, and architecture culture. Expert knowledge, experience and passion allows us to provide guests with a unique 10-day adventure experience.

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"Let me show you a world you can't see on your own"

I've Lived in England, Australia and the United States. This tour allows me to share my global perspective, decades of "Ausie" hospitality and engineering knowledge with guest like you.

You'll be amazed how Automobiles, Aviation and Archictecture's history intertwines.

You've waited long enough to do the things you always wanted to do.  Instead of compromising, Let us show you how to travel in LUXURY and experience the Adventures of a lifetime...!

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Aligning all the stars for you!

Stephen and Brian have been part of the professional Automobile Designer world for 40 years.They worked together at General Motors Design.  Brian is currently President of the Society of Automotive Historians for SE Michigan and a professor of the Industrial Revolution to the future at Universities across the Mid West.  .

They will help you have an amazing experience together.  Please be their guest!

Brian Baker & Stephen Bridger
Your Hosts